Bus industry

As the leading manufacturer of bus seats in the Nordic countries Khimaira has a vast experience of the industry’s demands and the customers’ various needs. We have built our operation to match our customers’ needs fast and flexibly. This is the foundation of our whole operation model.

Our bus industry products include our own collections of passenger seats, interior upholstery for buses, curtains and special seats. Many of our customers have designed their own seat models and left the manufacture of the product as a whole to us. More often than not we take part in the customers’ seat design from the beginning and always consult the customer. By doing this we can express our views on the flexibility and cost-efficiency of the product’s manufacture.

In addition to our own passenger seat models we manufacture folding seats, backrests for priority seats and upholstery for ceilings, hat shelves and toilet doors to name but a few. We also provide seats for drivers and guides and other special seats upholstered with the fabric of the customer’s choice.Our seating production is focused on lightness, dimensioning, ergonomics and durability. We pay special attention to the passengers’ user experience and travel comfort.

Our various customers keep quality criteria tough and we abide by the given criteria in small as well as large orders. As a system supplier Khimaira sees to the seat and upholstery delivery in its entirety.


Agile-C seat for urban public transportation

The light and customisable passenger seat is designed to be as light as possible in order to reduce fuel costs. The seats are available either separately or attached to a metal frame, as requested by the customer.

Customers can modify the seat as they wish by deciding the thickness of the padding and material of the upholstery such as leather, artificial leather, fabric and plastic panel. Several armrest options are also available. Read more in our brochure.


Kalanti seat for intercity buses and coaches

We offer a product line based on customer comfort. Products can be selected from five classes: Standard, Standard+, Premium, VIP and VIP+.

The product can be customised with several accessories and options such as upholstery material, technology, armrests, cup holders, footrests and coat hooks to name but a few. Read more in our brochure.


Customer feedback


Electric bus manufacturer


We have worked with Khimaira for a few years manufacturing passenger seat frames, padding and upholstery for our electric buses. We and our customers demand that the seats meet general safety requirements, and that they are comfortable and light. Due to the nature of our projects, our partners need to be flexible, for instance in delivering small quantities under varying schedules. This has worked excellently with Khimaira.  Products have always met the quality criteria and deliveries have arrived on schedule.