Rail traffic

If you have travelled by tram in Helsinki or Gothenburg, you have very likely sat on a Khimaira manufactured seat. 100 % of tram seats in Gothenburg have been manufactured in our factory in Uusikaupunki. Most tram seats in Helsinki have been manufactured by Khimaira as well.

Khimaira is the market leader in Nordic tram seat supply. Standard products and solutions for trams are available. In addition we participate actively in seat designing projects for new trams. When purchasing seating from us, the customer receives an offer on continuous spare part manufacture and delivery. This ensures that seat covers, handles and other parts do not run out during the products life span, and that maintenance is effortless, flexible and cost-efficient. Spare part reserves can be kept small due to our short delivery times.

We pay special attention to seat cleaning and anti-vandalism in the design of our tram products. The covers are detachable and washable. The seats are durable and easy to service. Our extensive experience as a spare part supplier has showed us the potential weak spots of our products and helped us design our seats to be as easy as possible to service for our customers.

Our customers include Bombardier, Ansaldobreda, Transtech Skoda, HKL, Göteborgs Spårvägar and several other tram operators in Europe.