Khimaira inleder samarbete med AirGo

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Khimaira inleder samarbete med AirGo

Khimaira och AirGo förenar sina krafter och ingår ett samarbetsavtal angående tillverkning av passagerarsäten. Målet är att erbjuda unika säteslösningar, som förbättrar passagerarbekvämligheten och -ergonomin. Dessutom skall sätena vara lätta och kostnadseffektiva. För tillfället genomgår hela transport- och resebranschen en stor förändring. Nu betonas ekologi, ovillkorlig säkerhet, användarupplevelse och elegant design. AirGos vd Mikko Alanko framhåller att användarupplevelsen är en uppåtgående trend: ”Det har stor betydelse hur kunden upplever resandet, AirGo erbjuder den nästa möjliga ergonomin tack vare 3D-scanningteknologi och Osteomorphic-stoppning, som förbättrar blodcirkulationen då man sitter. Tillsammans med Khimaira kan vi erbjuda kreativa säteslösningar internationellt.

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EN: The Revolution of seats in public transportation – Khimaira heading to conquest of the world together with AirGo

Khimaira and AirGo have joined their forces and made a cooperation agreement for passenger seat manufacturing to transportation vehicles. The common goal is to offer unique seating solutions, which enhance passenger comfort and ergonomics as well as cost reductions due to lightweight appearance.

The transportation sector is currently under heavy modernization. All vehicles and forms of logistics are developed to meet the high demands of eco-efficiency, safety, user experience and design. Despite the holistic transformation, the seats have been remaining quite the same for decades. This will be changed in near future.

Building up both business competitiveness and user experience 

Khimaira and AirGo have set their common future goal to revolutionize the branch of transportation vehicle seats in buses, cars, ferries and trains. According to the CEO of Khimaira, Mikko Poutanen, it is likely possible with AirGo. “Khimaira has a long-term knowledge of seat manufacturing while AirGo owns the superb design and technology. When we put these two assets together, we are able to produce totally new product solutions to the market, especially for bus transportation. Like in all business, transportation branch is also seeking cost reductions in a competitive situation. Hence, our new solutions support both economical and ecological efficiency. Light seats are weighing less than average; therefore savings can be gained due to less fuel consumption. At the same time, the seats are creatively designed and passenger comfort is top-notch”, Poutanen concludes.

The CEO of AirGo, Mikko Alanko underlines that the user experience is globally trending as well as emphasizing the value of ergonomics. “It definitely has a big importance how people feel when traveling. AirGo provides the superior ergonomics, thanks to 3D scanning technology and Osteomorphic padding with multi-density foam laminate for improved blood circulation. Together with Khimaira, we can offer unique and creative seating solutions soon in global markets”, Alanko tells. A new era of passenger seats is about to begin. The first seats will be ready by the end of 2017.

Khimaira Ltd. 
Khimaira is known supplier of transportation seats and upholstery solutions for buses, rail vehicles, boats, military vehicles and special projects. The company has long-term knowledge in polyuretane foaming, sewing and upholstery components, including assemblies. In 2016 Khimaira was under acquisition and currently the company is renewing its processes for business growth. Khimaira’s business revenue in the end of June was 7,6 M€.

Airgo Design Pte. Ltd. 
AirGo is a Singapore-based developer of advanced seating solutions. AirGo seats employ state-of-the-art lightweight composite materials technologies and design techniques based on human-centric 3D scanning. Based on an award-winning design, the AirGo seat has been praised as ”The Future of Airline Seating” by Reuters, ABC News, USA Today, NBC News, The Economist.

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Khimaira Ltd. / CEO, Mikko Poutanen / tel.+358 451652393

AirGo Design Pte. Ltd. / CEO, Mikko Alanko / tel. +358 500 3734